DIY Wedding

Hey, I thought this blog was about sewing & fabric arts!

In 2012, a lot of my crafty energy went into wedding planning.

For some time, I diligently avoided writing about it here, since I more or less promise to be just the Nerdy Sewist on this blog, not Kristina in Other Capacities.

But I would have done so much crafty wedding DIY if I wasn’t also into sewing. Sewing empowered me to explore doing other crafty things myself.

And hope it inspires you too — or if you find these posts because you’re doing DIY for your wedding but have never sewn before, I hope you try sewing sometime!

Here are my reasons for DIY’ing parts of my wedding:

1) We had a small wedding on a small budget;

2) I wanted the wedding to feel unique and genuine in this crazy, wedding-industry obsessed culture;

3) I wanted to have that hands-on feeling, like I made or built some part of the event, not just throwing money at it.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not DIY everything. But I did personalize wherever I could.

DIY Wedding

6 thoughts on “DIY Wedding”

  1. Kristina said:

    This is amazing! Where did you get the wedding topper? I have been looking all over for one like that!

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