It’s been TOO LONG since my last Nerd is the Word post. To all you fellow geeks, I am so very sorry. Luckily, my friend Leila (nerdy sewist extraordinaire) made a Star Trek skant and posted a tutorial!


Some of you may be saying, what is this thing called a “skant”? For the uninitiated Star Trek fan, legions of officers in the Federation wear this “skirt-pant” outfit of sorts. In the original series, I think the idea was that the skant was “nerdy-sexy.” The Next Generation’s version just takes a page from the original. There is a whole history of Star Trek uniforms (yep) here.

In The Next Generation, Counselor Deanna Troi wears the skant (the doctor nor the tactical officer, also top female characters, ever wear such an outfit).

Deanna Troi skantI want to make one of these for either Halloween or my first Star Trek Convention, which Leila has promised to take me to (I still don’t know when that will happen). In case you’re new to this blog, I too am a big Star Trek fan, particularly TNG.

So hop on over and check out Leila’s tutorial!

~ Kristina