one lovely blog buttonI am so overdue in recognizing this award from a lovely fellow blogger, Bridgeen from Cherry & Cinnamon!

I am so overdue that I think I may overdo it (no pun intended) when it comes to lauding Bridgeen. I found her blog because of her incredible embroidery. I love her contemporary subjects, treated in a classical style. I have so much admiration for the embroiderer who can make stitches look like sketching or paint. That’s exactly what Bridgeen accomplishes with her work. One of my favorites: a portrait of David Bowie (no wonder I love this, given my adoration of skinny, dyed blonde rocker types!).

So thank you a million times, Bridgeen!

Now, to fill the requirements of the award, I must tell you 7 interesting things about myself. Given Bridgeen’s focus on Star Trek, that’s where I’ll start too:

1) I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my big sister Holly. In high school, a few friends and I geeked out over it, even calling each other captain, lieutenant, etc. And I still have my com badge pin.

2) I’m dying to go to a Star Trek convention. Hoping it happens this year.

3) I used to refer to Captain Picard as “my future husband.” I may or may not still refer to him as such, in front of my actual husband.

4) Besides science fiction television, my formative years were largely influenced by grunge bands: and their 90’s contemporaries: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Beck, Beastie Boys, etc. etc. I was a radio hound in my teenage years, mostly listening to 99.1 WHFS in Washington, DC.

5) I saw the DC band Fugazi play live at the Washington monument in the early 90’s. It was one of these two shows. Sadly I don’t remember much about it.

6) I have a terrible memory. It is a loosely photographic memory, and I also remember sounds, smells and flavors. Otherwise, if I don’t write something down, it gets easily forgotten.

7) Bringing it full-circle, as a teen I kept a diary, and at one point it was in a journal called “Data’s Log Book.” All that angst in one tiny ST:TNG journal.

Data's Log Book

Since Bridgeen inspired me to write mostly about the 90’s, grunge rock and Star Trek, my recommended sites (not every one is a blog… sorry!!!) have at least a partial focus on that ephemera.

1) Leila from Three Dresses Project is eventually going to take me to my first Con. She inspires me with her tales of garment sewing — from costumes to pret-a-porter (and currently working on a Skant, a la Troi).

2) SciFiSara, who is an inspiration and a rad fangirl.

3) Erin from Dog Under My Desk who, when she isn’t writing patterns or blogging, is a super fangirl. She inspired me to watch Sanctuary. For that, alone, she should be thanked.

4) Heather from The Lemonade Shop makes awesome crochet hooks and stitch markers… now in the shapes of Star Trek characters! I love em!!! (Heather doesn’t blog, but she more or less does the “blogging thing” on Facebook, so follow her there!)

5) Jane of Maiden Jane, whose business is memory quilts from t-shirts. I have so many nostalgic t-shirts from the 90’s, particularly concert tees, and I saved them to make something just like this!