Titling this blog post immediately brought this to mind, since I’m a child of the 80’s:

At the risk of totally straying off topic (brace yourself), watching Billy Idol for the first time in years — he was my first pop/rock love at the age of 3 or 4 (yes, that young) — completely clears up my crush on James Marsters, aka Spike from Buffy/Angel lore:

Back to the topic at hand!

How often do you make things for other people? And, how often do you make things just for yourself?

As a perennial “crafter,” I only occasionally make for me. Especially large things — like quilts, for example — I never make for myself.

My husband suggested I spend the winter holiday break making something for myself. I have such a long list of unfinished WiP’s that I scoffed at the idea. And then I changed my mind. What better way to spend a holiday than doing what you love most (quilting) for oneself?

photo(7)Over Thanksgiving, I purchased two charm packs of the “Oh, Deer!” line from Moda, with the idea that I’d make something for myself eventually. I pulled them out after Christmas and got to work on a pinwheel quilt — my first quilt entirely for myself!

I’ve made a lot of progress, and the top is nearly done. It includes two panels like this:

photo(6)… and strips on either side of the panels, making the quilt about “lap” size: 50×60 inches. I can’t wait for this to be finished so I can show you a completed quilt that’s actually something I’m going to keep!

So, do you quilt for yourself? Or who do you quilt for?