At Sewing Summit, my friend Shannon of Sew Your Own Way cooked up an idea for a color challenge.

We were inspired by Jeni from In Color Order, who lectured a few of us on Color Theory. Besides giving us some conventional wisdom on the color wheel, Jeni had some great ideas for how to inspire sewists to be a little riskier with color choices.

Shannon noticed that our Sewing Summit friends all have different tastes in color. So, she suggested that we each pick a palette for another, outside our comfort zones. I love this idea; it reminds me a lot of the Tangerine Tango challenge I participated in last year, which forced me to play with a color set that was way out of my norm.

We’re doing this challenge in hopes it inspires one another — and possibly inspires others to join us in thinking outside-the-box when it comes to your “preferred palette.”

To start the challenge off, we assembled our own palette of preferred colors. I will share mine in a later post. I’m picking colors for my friend Malora, from the blog Bird and Bicycle. Here’s her hand-picked palette:

I see a lot of muted colors here — mustard yellow, teal blue, burned orangey reds. It’s the kind of cozy palette that’s perfect for autumn, and I’m definitely feeling this vibe, given it’s the beginning of November!

We were each charged with picking four colors for our partner, and they can add a neutral in whatever project they make. Not only did I notice the colors were largely muted, but I also noted that Malora avoids bright green (which happens to be one of my very favorite colors). So, I picked some big, bold colors for her to work with.

Kelly green, royal blue, gold and black. In some ways, I love this palette.  It mirrors a lot of what I’m wearing this fall (and thanks to ModCloth for the fashion inspiration).

Though I like these colors, I can see they might be a challenge to work with in a mini-quilt or other small craft — every color is so overpowering that it could be difficult to get them in sync. Despite that, I’ve found a few examples of where it works, give or take one of the colors. Here’s a chevron pouch where one of the blacks could easily be swapped out for a navy blue:

And a pillow that manages to fit it all in one busy print:

A quilt that works in the blue-green combo deliciously:

Last but not least, I think of this Amy Butler print, which is a favorite:

So, my verdict? This palette is pleasing to my eye, but potentially difficult. Not impossible! I can’t wait to see what Malora makes!

While you’re here reading about our challenge, go check out my dear friends who are playing along!

Lorelai from Mermaid Sews

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& The Lovely Malora from Bird and Bicycle

~ Kristina

*I edited this post shortly after publishing to change the name of the challenge to “Preferred Palette,” because I am a bit mindless and got it wrong the first time.