I can’t think of a better way to describe the Sewing Summit. It is just like summer camp – a real break from your normal life. You meet amazing people. You write home. And you don’t want to leave.

I was so excited about Sewing Summit – I had my heart set on going for more than a year before it happened. So when I landed in Salt Lake City, I had all kinds of expectations. The event itself more than met those expectations! So, here’s a list of my favorite moments from the weekend.

Favorite Geek-Out Moment:

Hearing Joel Dewberry speak, who is not only one of my favorite fabric designers, but he’s also a cutie pie!

Favorite Fabric Moment:

I got to go fabric shopping with my amazing twitter friends! Spending time with these lovely ladies was my favorite part of the entire weekend.

My Favorite Class:

Handmade Wardrobe with Mena Trott from The Sew Weekly. I had no idea this session would turn out to be my favorite, but Mena’s sense of humor and attitude about sewing and life is simply inspirational. I left wanting to sew more garments, which hasn’t been my strength, but Mena gave me hope!

My favorite hands-on class:

An unofficial tutorial from Liz from Goddess in Progress, who showed me how to sew hexies with paper pieces. It’s my new addiction, and I wouldn’t have learned without her!

Favorite Jaw-Dropping Artistry Moment:

I got to see some gorgeous quilting in the Foundation Paper Piecing class, which I managed to sneak into after swapping with my friend Lorelai.

My Favorite Finished Piece:

A new iPad case, made with a Serger!

Most of all, I will remember Sewing Summit for my friends, ones I have known online for at least a year but finally got to meeting in person.

See, it’s just like summer camp! You make BFF’s and just don’t ever want to leave!