Ugh I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately! I got married, went on a honeymoon, and switched jobs. I owe Nerdy Sewist readers reports on the wedding. I promise it is coming this week!

I started a new job, and along with it, I have a new office and two beautiful windows that are screaming for curtains.

Curtains are one of my favorite, easy things to make. A splash of fabric in a backlit window can completely change the way a room feels. Plus, for fabric nerds like myself, it’s an opportunity to adorn a “serious” space with a little sewn whimsy.

So, what fabric patterns work best for curtains?

Of course color choice and pattern depend on the size, shape and color of the room. I’m working with a neutral palette and a pretty average-sized room. Right now, purples and greens are my favorites (fall colors, anyone?), and I am a fan of making curtains from prints with some kind of vertical stripe or vertically repeating pattern.

Anthology Fabrics - Desert DaydreamsAnthology Fabrics - Flying Free Green

For those of us who normally shy away from it, curtains can be a good opportunity to use a bold print, since it will be draped over the window and won’t show the entire pattern at any one time.

Art Gallery - Hyperreal Garden - Flower Shock Mauve

Also consider fabric type when making curtains.

I like quilting-weight cotton for curtains because, as I mentioned earlier, I think there’s an ethereal quality to the natural light that shines through a colored cotton. But some of you will want curtains that actually block light.  That doesn’t mean quilting weight isn’t an option; you’ll just have to consider lining the curtain, too. Or, turn to home dec-weight cottons for an in-between option that will not completely block light but will work better than the thinner fabric. The downside of home dec is the cost: it’ll run you upwards of one and a half times the cost of a quilting cotton.

Some home dec options:

Amy Butler Soul Blossoms English Garden

Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush Loves Me Loves Me Not - Bark

What kind of fabric would you pick for new curtains?


~ Kristina