Above, clockwise from top left: my two fellow judges, Sadie Fox Metter, Claudia Miller & me in the sewing cube; the craft pavilion sign; a peek at the embroidery category; the big inflatable chicken and big Colorado sky; me & my judging badge!

I spent most of last evening as a judge at the 2nd Annual Denver County Fair. I got to preview the fantastic entries in six craft categories: Sewing: Home Dec, Sewing: Accessories, Needlework: Needlepoint, Needlework: Embroidery, Needlework: Lace Making, and Recycled/Repurposed.

The Denver County Fair is a mix of tradition and quirkiness. There’s a giant inflatable chicken out front (above) and it all concludes with a zombie dance party! But, like all good county fairs, the quilting competition, for example, is still an incredible display of craft and art.

In hopes you’re a local and can attend, here are my three top picks for the Denver County Fair weekend:

1) The Geek Pavillion

A Scrabble tournament! A robot competition! Anything nerdier? Why yes, a spelling bee and fantasy art competition! Excellent.

2) Live Sewing Competition!

Sunday at 2pm, Fancy Tiger is hosting a reality-style sewing competition. Entrants get supplies and have to make something in the given time. Fun!

3) “A Tribute to Denver’s Tribute Bands”

Featuring an Elvis Costello cover band, a Journey cover band, and a Hole cover band. Weird combo, but more than a little bit awesome.

~ Kristina