I’m sorry for the absence – I have been traveling for work and personal reasons, and life is getting busier with wedding planning (which I’m amazed and a little embarrassed to admit actually takes a lot of time, even for a small, modest wedding!).

About a week ago, I went to Boston for my niece’s baptism. I’m thrilled to be her godmother! I finished a quilt for her, which I’ll write about for Work-in-Progress-Wednesday. But, she has an almost-3-year-old brother, and I didn’t want my nephew to feel jealous that his sister was getting all the attention. So, I made him a superhero cape.

Of course, being 3 years old, he refused to wear it. He had much more important things to do! Like, go up and down the stairs, learning how to be a big boy. So, I made my sister model it. Look at this superhero mom!

This cape is reversible, blue with an orange initial “D” on one side, and orange with a blue initial on the other (because my nephew of course couldn’t decide if his favorite color is blue or orange!).

Making a superhero cape is very easy – I recommend it for any beginning sewist. I fortunately learned about it from my friend Tracy, who is teaching a class on how to make it at Fabric Bliss. It’s a perfect class for the beginner who needs a little assistance!

If you’re a graduated beginner (no assistance required!) I found several tutorials on the web to help you make your own. I used the first one, but the other two add a little something different.

Puking Pastilles makes a Batman and Superman cape.

The Long Thread has a similar tutorial — and a free PDF pattern too.

A Pretty Cool Life does a great modification – make the cape in fleece, so there’s no sewing required!

I promise to stop being such a stranger!

~ Kristina