I’ve been following Julie at Button, Button for a few months now. She designs embroidery patterns and is an avid stitcher! Plus, she’s an American living in Britain*, so I’m maybe wishing just a bit that I could be her!

Recently, Julie started writing on Twitter about this new geeky project: stitching up a magic square sampler for her dad. She just featured it on her blog last week and told me I can share it with you here! Hop on over and learn more about Julie, embroidered geekery, and magic squares!

Magic Square Sampler (aka The Math Geek Sampler)

~ Kristina

* my mom was a Brit (now American), I am a dual citizen and spent lots of time there as a kid; always wanted to live there full time, though as I get older, it seems less and less likely. Ah, old age, setting down roots, etc etc.