I’ve been away for a week, focusing day & night on my real job, and I’ve missed you beautiful sewy people!

I’m back to tell you about a fun vintage discovery I made recently!

When I started making cathedral window pincushions, I got hooked on finding the perfect buttons to sew in the center. For those who don’t know, it is not at all unusual for a sewist to develop a button obsession. Here are a few blogs that show a deep love of buttons.

I went hunting for vintage buttons, and fortunately I didn’t have to look far: South Broadway in Denver is “antique row.” I learned that though a store may not have a display of old buttons, all you have to do is ask! And I hit the jackpot.

The ladies at Heidelberg Antiques let me sit in the shop and sift through their bag of vintage buttons. I came home with $10 worth — what a deal! Here’s a gallery of my discoveries.

This is only a sampling of what I brought home. I think my favorites are the little ones — those last two photos — which were clearly used as embellishments on a garment or pillow, rather than as a utilitarian closure button. I think I’ll use them to embellish a clutch or other small bag.

Don’t worry, button hoarding isn’t my new hobby. But I am definitely hooked on searching for beautiful discarded notions in need of a home!

~ Kristina