I hope I’m not boring you with robot quilts, robot fabric… and today, more robot fabric!

Spoonflower, the site where you can print just about anything on fabric, is having a vote this week for “Robot Cheater Quilts.” That means a yard of fabric designed to look just like a quilt. Using one of these panels (or any yard of fabric) is just about the easiest way to make a simple baby quilt.

Some of the panels look like actual pieced quilts. Here are a couple of cool ones:

Napping Robot
Tin Pot Owl-Bot Cheater Quilt

Others have super cool pop culture references

(Dalek? Cyberman? Yes, please!):


And here is a personal unique favorite:

18th century karakuri tea serving doll

Click through to check them out!

Winners are announced 3/15.

~ Kristina