Check it out: my first handmade wreath!

We’ve had our holiday wreath up for some time (until today!), and I just didn’t feel like taking it down without replacing it with something else. The crafty handmade wreath is as easy to find online as a light beer at a frat party. Seriously, everyone makes them, blogs about it, and gets a total kick out of their new creation. So I had to try!

It’s about as cheap as a case of light beer too. Here’s the bill from Joann’s:

It took about an hour to make, and it’s about as simple as… well, light beer. Again, there are a zillion tutorials on the web, but here’s how to make a wreath like mine:

1) Wrap the foam wreath with yarn, tightly pulling each strand so it sits right next to another. Tie on with a simple knot; tie off with the same and tuck it around back to hide.

2) Using Elmer’s all-purpose glue, attach the doily to the wreath. You can probably use a paper doily too, but the cotton crocheted doily is easily malleable and sits flat on the foam.

3) Tie on your (fake) flowers. Use the same yarn you used to wrap the wreath, and it’s virtually invisible to the naked eye once it’s finished.

The one downside of using a foam form: it’s too light to hang on the front door (for now). We have some serious wind, and it needs to be weighted down if it’s outside. So for now it’s in our living room.

Happy Spring, Everyone!

~ Kristina