Ever heard of “tatting?” It’s the thread technique that makes intricate, lacy beauties like this dragon (and there’s a free pattern right here!):

Credit: Craftsy user soyloquesoy

Credit: Craftsy user soyloquesoy

I want to share my fascination with tatting because, much like embroidery, it is a textile art that is a) very portable, b) modest — called “poor man’s lace,” you don’t need a lot of expensive supplies to do it, and c) in danger of falling out of fashion — and just like embroidery, I want people to continue the tradition!

We have a tatting instructor at Fabric Bliss, the fabric shop where I teach and work. She just had a baby but will be back this summer to show other fabric arts enthusiasts how to tat. Here’s an array of what Karen our instructor sells in the store: tatted earrings, bookmarks, ornaments.

We also sell tatting supplies at Fabric Bliss, and I’ve seen them at Joann’s too.

If you can’t wait to learn, Heather at Tatted Treasures has a complete guide to tatting for beginners.

And here’s a short video to give you an idea of what the tatting process looks like:

~ Kristina