I am so excited to share this quilt top. If you read the blog, you likely know that I am a novice quilter. I would never expect to make something like this at this point in my “career.” But I did it! I’m so very thrilled.

I’ve been using the Tangerine Tango Quilt Challenge as an excuse to venture outside my quilting comfort zone, both color and design-wise. First I picked my fabrics, then I mapped out the quilt. It’s my first time creating a blueprint on my own!

Advice from a newbie designer: I sketch on ruled and blank paper too, but here it truly helps to have graph or grid paper on hand. It’s a little flashback to 9th grade geometry class, but now you don’t need to prove anything or worry about mistakes. Just draw! This is based on a photo of the “lobster claw” plant I saw at the Denver Botanic Gardens, using half-square triangles to represent the tropical plant.

I used the “updated” method for HST’s, which involves sewing all the way around a square and cutting it twice, corner-to-corner, into fourths. Then, press the triangles:

I added a contrasting strip of Featurette in Green from Silent Cinema to each “claw,” to match the plant’s lighter green stem.I assembled the altered HST’s and voila: the plant’s “claws!” The top “claw” was the hardest part of the quilt top. A little improvisation was a good reminder that even with the best-laid plans, sometimes you just have to wing it:

But I did it! I am so proud and happy. Now I need to figure out how to back this mini, then I’m going to submit it to the quilt challenge Flickr group!


I will report back with the finished product next week. Thanks to everyone who came here via WiP Wednesday!

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~ Kristina