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This weekend, one of my best friends in the whole wide world came to visit. Sara is the one who’s pregnant and planning a space-themed baby room.

In case it’s not obvious, Sara is a knitter; she made the owl sweater she’s wearing in the picture (you can find the pattern on Ravelry). Love it!

Sara and Mark are having a baby girl in May (playfully referred to as “the little goldfish” for now), and they want her room to have a gender-neutral space theme. They’re putting space decals on the walls and hanging pictures of “space superstars” like Leia from Star Wars and Captain Picard from Star Trek: TNG. Have I mentioned how much I love my nerdy friends?

They’ve got popular sci-fi pretty well covered in the room, so we decided together that I’ll craft some robot-themed fabric gifts for the space.

I’ve started doing some research on robot quilts, and here are my favorites so far.

From the book Dare to be Square by Boo Davis:

Zak the Robot Quilt at Tried and True:

Robot Love by Bumbles & Lu:

Robot Quilt by A Little Craft:

And of course, there’s the Too the Moon kit from Caleb Grey, which would help me cut a lot of corners, but I don’t love the design.

Sara helped me pick the fabric this weekend (strongly centered around the Good Fortune line by Kate Spain), so it’s just a question of which robot to sew. She likes the first one ~ what do you think?

~ Kristina