Okay, I admit that Mike is helping me with this lil’ guy, so it’s not really a secret. But it is my gift to him for Valentine’s Day! I love the pattern (which you’ll learn more about when I write of the finished product) because it combines a traditional look with robots and a mini heart. Exactly our style, the Mr. & Me!

I wanted to be done with it by now, but I am addicted to the satin stitch filler, so I’m going to keep working. Its future home is our bedroom wall, so it needs to be just right!

I’ve also been on the hunt for a frame for this oval beauty, and I finally found a plastic mirror frame at Goodwill, just $3! I immediately got to work cleaning it for spray painting (faux wood is not my style!). Here it is pre-paint:

We found a piece of wood to paint it on, handy since it snowed more than a foot last week! Mike volunteered to do the spraying, since he has painter’s jeans handy. I picked a gloss black, just to keep the look simple:

We gave it two coats, and I love the finished product!

Stay tuned for the complete package: embroidered robot Valentine, fully framed! I promise you will see it next week in “Nerd is the Word.”

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