Here’s the biggest challenge, as far as I’m concerned: When it comes to picking “tangerine tango” fabric, there are too many options.

There are so many oranges that many don’t really match one another.

And oranges show up a lot in patterned fabric — which are gorgeous — but makes it difficult to stay within the challenge’s color rules.

So, my first pick was the Fat Quarter Shop’s bundle of Tangerine Tango (left). I love Fat Quarter Shop, particularly its reliable, quick shipping and the presentation. All FQS’s fabric comes nicely packaged in a shiny transparent bag, showing off the fabrics in all their glory.

I hoped the bundle would help me narrow down my tangerine options, but it actually made the process a little worse. Generally I love polka dots, but the dotted patterns here don’t fit in with my nature-inspired theme. Most of the patterns in this bundle include dots, but two don’t:

I like the solids in the bunch, too. I took the bundle to my LQS Fabric Bliss to look for a turquoise, purple or deep green for my second color. But again, it was challenging to fit within the constraints of finding just one color and one neutral.

Now, I know the rules are fairly flexible, and I know the organizers of the challenge want people to have fun and not worry about adhering so closely to the color restrictions.

I am doing this challenge to challenge myself to think differently about color.

So I’m sticking to the letter of the rules, rather than the spirit.

I settled on a olive green print and white as my neutral. Here are the fabrics together (along with a delicious taster of Black Gold, a peanut butter cup milk stout at Renegade Brewery):

~ Kristina