Many thanks again to the fantastic Leila Breton of Three Dresses Project, also a fellow nerdy sewist, who wrote this second post about Doctor Who-inspired knits. Here’s her first piece about TARDIS socks!

I’m back with tales of the Doctor. His TARDIS, really. Isn’t she a beauty?

Once I made the TARDIS socks, a friend asked me to make her some TARDIS fingerless mittens. Ravelry is the best place to go searching for projects other people have worked on. Some Ravelers will actually detail the changes they’ve made to the TARDIS sock pattern to convert them into mittens. Some just proudly post their photos and try to forget the episode.

I started with the TARDIS sock pattern I had already worked on, since I already liked it and had worked through it in its entirety. Once blocked, it’s really my favorite TARDIS pattern. So, first, I had to decide which way the Police Box wording was going to go. I saw other projects on Ravelry where people took the text and put it up the arm, like this knitter. I kept thinking that if I had awesome TARDIS fingerless gloves, I’d probably want to see the color work as I typed on my laptop or cut out fabric for a sewing project. I wouldn’t want to hide the awesome up my sweater. That’s me, of course. You can work the thumb as just a buttonhole thumb, too. No need to pick up stitches if you do it that way.

The thing to know about this sock pattern is that it’s rather roomy, so if you attempt it, be sure to do a swatch to see how big yours will turn out and maybe go down a needle size or work out the math to make them fit your wrists. The TARDIS is bigger on the inside, but you don’t need your fingerless mittens to be that big. Go over to Ravelry and check out other knitters’ TARDIS fingerless mitten projects. One of them just might inspire you to make your own.