My best friend is having a baby in May, and she recently learned it’s a girl. I am beyond excited, so like a good nerdy crafter, I’ve started making stuff for her. This is a present for Mom, rather than for baby, because why shouldn’t Mom get a little something to celebrate the coming birth?!

I am embroidering in wool on linen, and I’m not 100% sure what this will be yet: I may frame it, or I might turn it into a little decorative pillow.

My new passion is modifying pictures to create embroidery. I got this drawing from the Graphics Fairy, the source of lots of vintage-style free art:

My friend tells me that the theme of her baby room will be “space,” so I may add a nerdy space-themed applique to turn the conventional turn-of-the-century picture into something modern.

This is also my first post for Freshly Pieced’s Work In Progress Wednesday, which I think is a great idea to keep the creative juices flowing, share projects and give other sewists moral support! Though generally it’s quilters who link up, I thought a little embroidery didn’t stray too far from the theme.

~ Kristina