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The guest post is by Leila from Three Dresses Project, who is a fantastic seamstress, Twitter friend, and fellow nerdy sewist! Many thanks for her guest post today, the first in a new 2012 series of posts that will focus on only nerdy sewing & knitting. Please follow along!

I knew the minute I saw this pattern for Tardis socks on Ravelry that my college-aged cousin needed a pair. She’s a huge fan of Doctor Who and she’s cosplayed the Doctor on several occasions – she does a rockin’ 11th Doctor. Of course, Tardis socks would be a no brainer Christmas gift to make. I knew she’d love them.

These are some simple socks to knit. If you are new to knitting or have no clue how you’d go about knitting a pair of socks, trust me, socks aren’t too hard. They’re more of a brain puzzle and once you get how socks come together, it makes total sense. Of course, that’s me.

One of the nice things about knitting these socks is that the pattern changes so often that there’s no way you can get bored. How can you go wrong with a knitting pattern that makes you imagine you’re hearing the Tardis landing with every stitch? Seriously. I knit while watching classic Who and more recent Who and I often uttered the kind of ‘squee’ that is typical of a group of tweens. I’m not ashamed, either.

Here’s a sock in the making:

I chose this gorgeous yarn. It’s Cascade Heritage Silk. Yes, it’s got silk in it. Silk, like nylon, gives a pair of socks a longer life. The wool in the yarn is for warmth and the yummy factor that wool offers. While my cousin might not have rubbed her face with her new socks (a very acceptable response to receiving handknit stuff), she was pretty thrilled when she realized what we gave her for Christmas. They were a hit.

Thanks Kristina for letting me guest here. Whoosh, whoosh.