Along with resolutions, a lot of crafters this time of year start talking about their UFO’s. It’s an odd acronym since, of course, it commonly stands for “unidentified flying object,” generally space alien craft and the like.

or even better:

Sadly, UFO means nothing that romantic (aka nerdy) in craft-speak. Instead it refers to an “unfinished object,” any project that got started and has never been finished. Nerdy sewing acronym! Love it!

Technically speaking, I have 4-5 sewing UFO’s and just one knitting UFO. I prefer to refer to them as WIP, works in progress, with the thought that the projects are not actually “unfinished,” they are just not quite done yet.

How many UFO’s do you accumulate in a year? And I would give massive respect to anyone who can report on a UFO (sewing or knitting project) that actually relates to a UFO (spacecraft)!!