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One of many Christmas trees at the Governor's mansion, under a stunning chandelier that once hung in the White House.

Mike’s holiday party took place tonight at the Colorado Governor’s mansion, which is a lovely place as you might imagine. And… AND!… it is filled with gems for the textile arts enthusiast.

One of a couple stunning tapestries. Though it looks embroidered, tapestry is actually woven. I am a major admirer of tapestries, from the Bayeux Tapestry to the unicorn tapestries, on view at the Cloisters in New York and also in Paris. My love of tapestry probably started when I studied the David and Goliath series at the Washington National Cathedral in the 7th grade.

I never see lacework like this in person anymore, though I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by some fantastic lace. It seems as if like little lace beauties sit unnoticed in vast mansions like this one (particularly next to that colorful chunky fruitcake!).

And here is a beautiful example of embroidery, underneath what I think is an old telegraph machine?! I also unfortunately don’t know who the accordionist is, but I loved the mix of textile, metal, black & white photo and, of course, holiday lights.

There’s a slideshow of professional photos from the holiday-decorated Governor’s mansion here.