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Here’s the prayer shawl I’ve been working on. It took me about two months to finish. Now all it needs is a box, and I can ship it to my friend’s mom.

A few final thoughts on this project: Knitting takes a lot of patience, a different kind of patience than what’s required for sewing. Knitting something large takes time, it can be slow, and it is repetitive. I tried to look at it as an opportunity to practice patience, be thoughtful and live “in-the-moment.” I did breathing exercises. I thought a lot about my friend who passed away. But I admit, patience failed me about half the time.

I bring it up because patience has been a big part of my learning journey. It is an absolute requirement for crafting. That’s one reason why I’m so drawn to needle arts – it takes that time and patience (eg, craftsmanship) that is so lost in the modern world. I’m glad to have sewing (and knitting and embroidery) to build patience and help slow down life a little.