As a newbie quilter, I get some pretty amusing results when I search for quilting acronyms on Google. Today:


Not one result on the first Google page comes up with what it really is: a half square triangle. Instead, we get this:

1) The Hubble Space Telescope, deployed from the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1990.

2) Hypertrophy-Specific Training. Huh? is what I said. Put simply, it’s about building muscles, specifically bodybuilding.

3) Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology. A “a unique collaboration that integrates science, medicine, and engineering to solve problems in human health.”

4) Harmonized Sales Tax, which some of our Canadian crafty friends likely know.

5) My personal favorite: Hunter S. Thompson. If you have a chance to see The Rum Diaryor read it! — it is an excellent book.

HST also refers to Hawaii Time. Man, I’d like to be on Hawaii Time… always!

But the magic search term is “HST quilting,” and then you finally come up with this.

I hate to bring the dreaded term (yet another acronym) SEO into a whimsical post, but seriously, we need to do a better job of getting HST quilting on Google’s front page when someone searches for “HST.”

Let’s go crafters! When you hear HST, do you really want people to think bodybuilding? or Hawaii Time?