Have you ever had your memory nudged by fabric, maybe completely by surprise? That’s what happened to me today.

I took a 75-mile trip south to Colorado Springs for work, and on the way home, I stopped at Mill Outlet Fabric. No, I cannot resist an opportunity to shop at a fabric store I’ve never been to before!

Inside there’s so. much. lovely fabric.

But when I saw this particular bolt, wedged in between a Parisian map and an Eiffel Tower pattern, my heart skipped a beat.

This is a map of the London Underground on quilting cotton. I’ve seen this fabric online before, but it felt unexpected to come across it in a shop in Colorado Springs.

Here’s the backstory: growing up, I spent parts of most summers in London with my grandparents, where we would catch the Underground into the city from the South Harrow station on the Piccadilly Line, dark blue here on the fabric.

My Granny died last year, and I miss her dearly, so this fabric hits a chord.

I don’t know what I’m going to make with it yet, but it’ll probably be something for my siblings. Here’s a picture of us the last time we were all together, at Granny’s wake.

It’s such a funny thing, memory. I am so grateful for the unexpected reminder today of Granny’s love, and I’m grateful that nudge came via fabric!