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My new Twitter friend Amy Lou Who posted a mini quilt challenge, and I had to take part. I’m new to quilting, and in fact this is my first attempt at piecing. Mini quilts are a great challenge for the beginner (in fact, I’m going to post a tutorial tomorrow about how to start quilting with small projects, using much more basic techniques than the ones here).

I used scraps for both projects, and my first attempt was this more colorful one. I ended up liking the back much more than the front, which is a little busy for my taste. But I’m learning what colors and patterns fit together, and that’s half the fun!

Since I’m such a perfectionist, I had to make another one once I figured out a few of my initial mistakes. I am happy with the result:

Thanks to Amy Lou Who, I’m totally hooked on making these little guys – I am convinced that mini quilts are the best way to practice quilting skills, before diving into a bigger project. I’ll write more thoughts on learning to quilt in the tutorial tomorrow!