This is a guest post by Shelby Edwards of The Denver Lark. I heard she was headed to Aurora Sisneros’ shop Fabric Bliss to learn crochet, and she agreed to write a post about her experience. Sounds like Shelby has a new hobby!

I got the itch to learn something new and start crafting again. I signed up for the 2-hour Intro to Crochet class at Fabric Bliss.

Aurora is a great teacher. She would teach us one type of stitch through repetition, then have us unravel our work to start the next type. I felt way less pressure (from myself) to be perfect because I knew it was just practice. After the first hour, I was able to start recognizing when something was wrong. I was slowly beginning to see how to go back and fix the stitch I missed or hook the correct loop. It’s weirdly satisfying to know how to fix your own mistakes.

Knitting was too difficult for me (when I tried 10 years ago) and recently I’ve stuck with paper crafts or cross-stitch. I was really nervous about becoming a frustrated train wreck in public. As a beginner, it was so exciting to understand the basics of the craft. I had a few moments of frustration with an audible grunt or deep sigh but then it turned into exhilaration as I finally began to get it. I saw the loops, my fingers were cooperating, I remembered to ‘yarn over’.

Once I felt solid on the basic stitches, it was finally time to start the cowl pattern. I only got a few rows done of the pattern before class was over. When I got home, I got right to work. Single crochet, double crochet, single crochet, double crochet. It was so exciting to see the cowl appear before my eyes.

Other thoughts:

1. That shop is so cozy. It felt like I was being welcomed into Aurora’s home as a friend. Eases a lot of nerves when trying something new.

2. I’m really glad I bought two more balls of yarn before I left the shop. I’m addicted!

3. Crocheting is a very good outlet for me to think differently, work with my hands, and escape the research/reading nature of my work life.

Big thanks to Shelby for reviewing the Intro to Crochet class at Fabric Bliss! I can’t wait to see what she makes next.

Also, full disclosure, I don’t benefit from this blog post but I do occasionally work at Fabric Bliss, believe in Aurora’s business, and want her store to do well!