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Sharon from A Prairie Sunrise started a new linky party this week. The theme is home — photos of things that remind us of home.

I’ve lived in Colorado for nearly a decade, and it feels like home now. Specifically, Denver is home. I grew up by a much larger city, and I used to feel like Denver was too small. Then I lived in a small town for a couple years, and that helped me realize that Denver fits just right.

I am also a huge Broncos fan, helped by the fact that I live near Mile High stadium now. The city, viewed from the stadium, is gorgeous, especially at sunrise.

Mike and I share a home together, but it’s so much more than just some brick walls and a roof. My dogs are a big part of “home.” Here’s the beast, Lila. She’s a 75-lb Ridgeback mix. I got her at 1 year, and she changed my life a lot… and not necessarily in ways that I wanted at the time. But three years later, she is my baby, my home, and a constant reminder of the simplistic joys in life. Like waking up and eating breakfast!!? What a joy! We all need a reminder like that every once in awhile.

My pug Mushu is also a big part of “home.” We’ve been together for 5 years, and he’s seen me through a lot. He’s an amazing friend. I can’t imagine life without him.

This is what I see every morning when I get out of bed: home!

Last but not least, this man is my home. Mike is my best friend, my partner and teammate to the end.