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I am so excited to teach sewing!! There is something thrilling about sharing a passion in a lesson and spreading the joy.

Sewing in particular is so dear to my heart. One of the reasons I blog is to share that love with other people and show that it’s exciting to be a beginner. Colors, shapes, fabrics — it’s all new, and there is so much to learn!

Yes, I am one of those nerds who loved school because I enjoy learning so much!

I’ve been working at Fabric Bliss for a couple months, and Aurora Sisneros (owner, crafter, awesomesauce extraordinaire) is letting me teach Intro to Sewing now! I shadowed her class this afternoon.

Here’s Aurora teaching that sewing magic. Maggie (right) is learning to instruct too.

My favorite part today was assisting the students as they learned to maneuver a sewing machine — and seeing their excitement when they finished their first sewn bag.

I get to teach my own class for the first time in two weeks! Aurora, sneaky lady, took this picture while I was working with a student: