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I caught this amazing quilt block on Pinterest the other night. Since it’s going to snow tonight in Colorado, it seems appropriate to blog about sewing & skiing.
Ski boot detail ~ Cocorico ~ November

First of all, I have to commend this amazing woman for her creative blocks. I’m such a quilting newbie, but I am most interested in modern design. This is contemporary, accessible, and gorgeous. And check this out!

Cocorico Block for Krista, Let's Hit the Slopes

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

It seems seasonally appropriate to think about both skiing and sewing (and when isn’t sewing in season?!). So I hunted down some sewing inspiration for the budding sewist/skier.

Know what a pogie is? They keep the tops of your ski poles dry and warm(ish). They’re also easy to sew – and it’s such a fun thing to personalize! Check out the tutorial here.

I am a big fan of scarves and other neck warmers — here is a tute for a gorgeous, fuzzy stole. *

I also want to give a shout out to vintage ski patches, which have a long history on the slopes. Of course these days, vintage-inspired patches are everywhere in the Colorado mountain towns, and they’re just imitations of the real thing. The true, old style has beautiful embroidery and a legitimate classic feel:

Ullr! Is he really the Nordic god of snow? Well, no one knows, but they celebrate the heck out of it in Breckenridge.

* Quick note: Tomorrow I’m going to post my first tutorial ever! I made a fleece neckup, and I’ll teach you all about it. It’s so easy, and with the crazy fleece patterns that are so widely available, you can customize it and make it fun!!