Anyone who says otherwise is simply fooling you: Learning to sew isn’t easy. It is rewarding in other ways, but easy? Nope.

I’m still trying to find my niche and doing that with about 10 – 15 larger projects (a full quilt, lined skirt, a quilted set of kitchen-textiles, a schoolhouse tunic, the perfect zippered pouch and the list goes on and on and on). But sometimes I just want to make something, finish and use it, right here, right now. For that kind of immediacy, I’ve found a few small projects that are easy. No fooling. They’re satisfying, simple, little victories for you beginning sewists to savor.

1) The headband.

The headband – so easy, so cute, and very satisfying. This is the “Roxanne Headband” featured on It’s such a simple, wearble way to highlight your beginning sewing skills and show off pieces from your gorgeous fabric stash.

2. The scarf.

I’ve made two scarves now, and it is so satisfying to throw a pretty piece of tailored fabric around your neck and say: Hey, I made that! This one is camo-Halloween-inspired, so pretty casual, but it’s also an incredibly simple accessory to make and show off in the workplace. I started making scarves with the help of a couple online tutorials, but I plan to post my own in the future once I’ve perfected the size, shape and seams.

3) Mug rug.

This isn’t a “true” mug rug, like some of the gorgeous ones you’ll see online. I aspire to make pieced, quilted and bound mug rugs as I continue learning to quilt. But I accidentally made this lil guy while testing out pockets for a tote bag. What I thought would be a quilted pocket turned into a quilted little coaster. It is a great use of a square of colorful textile, it helps you practice your quilting and stitching skills, and it looks really cute sitting on your coffee table or picnic table. This one’s an 8-inch square with cotton batting and turned edges. Easy peasy.

Long story short, don’t lose faith, beginning sewists! Mix challenging projects with easier satisfying ones, and never forget to have fun!