Mmm are there other snacks just as a) warm, b) healthy and c) salty and delicious as stovetop popcorn?

I had a Twitter conversation about it recently with Stacy of @StacySews, and it seems like I’ve been waiting for the perfect day to make it this season. Today was the right day!

I admit, this post has nothing to do with sewing, inasmuch there is no fabric, thread or design involved. But I think all of us get a craving to snack every once in awhile, and this is an inexpensive and relatively healthy way to fulfill that.

It is so easy to make!


1/4 cup of loose popcorn kernels (you can usually find these in the bulk section of your grocery store)

1 Tbl oil (I use grape seed oil)

salt to taste

In a small saucepan, heat oil on high. If you like a salty taste, add a pinch of salt to the oil. Pour in the loose kernels and cover.

The kernels will begin to pop, just like they do in the microwave or with a commercial stovetop popper. Listen for the pops to slow, then take the pan off the heat when there is about 3 seconds of silence between pops.

Or, remove the pan when the top starts to pop:

It’s really important to babysit the popping because if you leave it for even an extra minute, you’ll end up with that nasty burned popcorn smell through the house.

I also add salt after popping, though you likely know, too much salt is not a good thing! So I recommend keeping light on the salt.

Some spice stores (and the grocery store too) have spice mixes specifically for popcorn, but like these cheese blends, but I prefer the simple taste of oil, salt and popping corn.

Once you start popping your own corn, it is so easy that you’re likely to become an enthusiast and even a popcorn connoisseur. The Boy Scouts sell loose popcorn as a fundraiser (and the bagged microwavable stuff too, when you feel like the easy method), and their product is delicious. And there are vendors online that sell other varieties, like Amish popping corn. It comes in different colors and flavors.

I enjoyed a bowl at dusk this evening, just as the air cooled and the sun set behind the mountains. It’s warm, satisfying, and if you have dogs, you’ll learn it drives them nuts too (ie, inspires obedience):

I expect to spend many an evening sewing this winter with a cuppa popcorn next to the machine. Enjoy!