How many beginning sewers, raised in the 1980’s, dread their first Denise Huxtable moment?

If you didn’t watch The Cosby Show or want a refresher, here’s what happened when Denise sewed Theo a shirt:

And here’s the episode clip on YouTube, which I recommend watching because it brings back memories (very good memories!).

Well, I’m not brave enough to try to sew a shirt… yet. But I think I just pulled my first Denise Huxtable, with a little zippered bag.

Here’s the story: I really wanted to tackle the travel bag pattern in the book Weekend Sewing. I don’t kid myself; I’m a beginning sewer. And I thought I was taking it slow. I cut the fabric last night, then tackled the stitching tonight. But I ended up with a lopsided pouch:

Okay okay okay, I know this doesn’t look THAT bad. So I took the photo from the pouch’s good side, so what? I didn’t want to pull a Denise Huxtable and commit blogging error #1 by posting a hideous photo. Please believe me, the zipper is a mess, and from any other angle, this pouch is a disaster.

Ugh, the travails of a beginning sewist. I realize that I learn a lot through trial and error, and honestly I started this project with fabric scraps, knowing I’d probably end up with something not-so-great. Nevertheless, it’s pretty frustrating being a beginner, spending hours of work on something, and seeing it come out LOPSIDED.

I am trying to find a good project to make as holiday gifts for family and friends. Given the experience I had tonight, I’m thinking the travel pouch/zippered bag might be a good project for next year. The last thing I want is a Theo Huxtable reaction when my sisters receive their handmade presents.


On the upside, I found this cool new-to-me blog about sewing, just by searching for a photo of Theo’s hideous shirt.

And to close, I’d like to point out that Denise Huxtable/Lisa Bonet was gorgeous on The Cosby Show, no matter what ridiculous outfit/hat/hairstyle she wore: