Our “Sewing Social” is now known as the Super Secret Sewing Club because it is neither super secret or truly an exclusive club; we love irony! The ladies met last night at Fabric Bliss and tackled some projects with a glass of wine in tow.

Our sewing club doesn’t have application requirements, a secret handshake, or any criteria really, but several of us now have the same necklace:

Johanna found these, and I do not exaggerate when I say it’s one of my favorite gifts, ever. I’m a big fan of symbolic jewelry, but the thimble, sewing machine, scissor and button are about as literal as it gets. All it’s missing is a needle, and hey, a pointy sharp thing sounds like a pretty bad idea for a charm.

Of course, I’ve seen some pretty bad sewing-themed accessories. The bejeweled sewing machine brooch is up there with the worst. But I love this charm necklace, and it made me wonder: what other cool sewing-themed accessories are out there?

I started a Pinterest board with a few finds. Among my favorites are the charms that cross words and sewing, like this one: