I feel like I’m having the best night ever. I finished a big project at work and came home to a few lovely surprises! That includes a set of generic low-shank presser feet, which… drumroll please… FIT MY MACHINE!

Imagine me doing a happy dance! This is a big deal. I’ve been told by several people — including the guy who tunes my machine, the store where I bought the machine, and Bernina itself — that there were no feet for this good ol’ bad boy (a Bernette 330, circa 1980’s-ish).

Then, a very clever Twitter friend intervened! Folks, this is one of many reasons why I love Twitter and Twitter friends, particularly for sewing. What an amazing community of sewers, crafters, bloggers, mothers, fathers, just cool creative people. So thanks to Samantha (aka @oobinsnaffa, who runs a beautiful blog, Blissful Domesticity), I learned a generic foot might work on my low shank machine.

I ordered it; came in the mail; and indeed it does work! I am beyond pleased, particularly because it means that I can finally sew zippers in at home! I have a lot of pillow projects waiting, plus it means I don’t have to stick to elastic or tied-waist skirts!!

In other, non-sewing related news, I got my new dog ID tags in the mail, and they are adorable; plus my fantastic amazing wonderful Mike left these for me:

I’m a pretty happy girl tonight!