I took my first quilting class over the weekend… the Beginner Baby Quilt class at Fancy Tiger.

These are my fabrics. My first quilt is for my friend Steph, who’s doing a monkey-themed baby room.

The Beginner Baby Quilt class goes through some very basic basics, including how to cut the fabric, make a quilt sandwich, and sew the layers together.

We started by making squiggly lines; again, very basic. Next week, we learn how to bind.

Now I’ll admit, I’ve been anxious to learn quilting, so maybe I wanted to learn a lot and quickly. And maybe I’m not a true beginner anymore, since I’ve been teaching myself for months now. But regardless, I was a little frustrated that we didn’t learn more, especially basic piecing, in this beginner’s class.

Because patience is a virtue I’m still working on, I’ve already cut pieces for my first patchwork quilt, and my friend Tracy has promised to teach me to put it all together at our next Sewing Social.

Despite my impatience (or maybe because of it!), it is pretty clear to me that I love this art called quilting. I love the lines, contrast, geometry and colors. I love that it creates something so accessible – who doesn’t love getting a quilt as a gift? – and warm and cozy, too, which feels very appropriate for the coming fall.

In other nerdy sewing news, I upgraded my stash quite a bit this week. I made four purchases in a week!! Ack!!!

I received this perfectly piled package from the Fat Quarter Shop.

And I got several yards of this from Fabric Bliss, which I love because of its Scandinavian-inspired colors and shapes.

It’s all for gifts — which I won’t detail here because the recipients are likely reading!