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Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’m pretty sure that applies to my sewing space, since I returned from a 10-day vacation, and I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy about my sewing room:

It feels pretty nerdy to be this excited to come back to sewing….

My sewing room is just a few months old. I moved in with my boyfriend recently, and he built me a sewing table for my birthday. It is designed as a crafting table, so it has shelves and pockets for bobbins, the seam ripper, chalk, etc. I store my stash on the shelves and keep notion and fat quarters in desktop plastic drawers.

A note on tidiness: I am not a particularly tidy person, but I have found it essential for the sewing space to stay clean. One of my great sewing deterrents is a messy table.

I’m outfitting the room with accents in Far Far Away fabric, which you can see in the back. I totally scored when I found it on sale at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver, which just got Far Far Away III in stock last week (!!).

I keep a clip of Far Far Away by my desk at work, as a reminder of the sewing room that waits for me at home.

The room is painted green: my favorite color. I like that it is a warm color, particularly in the evening when artificial light softly bounces off the walls. I think a warm room tone is going to be particularly important over the winter, as it grows dark early.

I press fabric right next to the sewing machine, on a mini ironing table. Space is a premium in this room. So, cutting is relegated to the living room, where I cut fabric on a desk.

I looked for sewing space inspiration when I started this crafty adventure, and I have a Pinterest category dedicated to the entire topic. There are some lovely photographs of gorgeous spaces – many small spaces! – check it out!