Denver is getting even craftier!

Aurora at Fabric Bliss hosted us last night for our first sewing get-together. Oh it was great. It was beyond great, as I’m sure other sewists out there know. There is something so terrific about getting together with other women and sewing together (or knitting).

First, a little about Fabric Bliss. They’re the new shop in town, located in the Santa Fe Arts District. Aurora and her husband Simon opened it about 5 months ago. Business has exploded. The atmosphere is key — the shop is located in a gallery space, so it’s got high ceilings and lots of light. Aurora also set up a work space in the back, and she rents studio time to individuals or groups, which I appreciate because my machine is finicky and sometimes I need a backup.

Here’s Karen in the workspace!

And the fabric – oh the fabric! They’re building up their stock, and you can see the beauties available now online.

Aurora, incidentally, also has a bag business online called Recycle Fashionably. She invented these cool waterproof totes for sweaty workout clothes, and now they’re available at yoga studios across the country.

Basically, I think Aurora is pretty cool. She’s following her passion, started several businesses, and is making it all work. Of course, it’s a lot of work, no denying it (thanks New York Times, for the obvious article last Sunday). I admire what she’s doing!

Aurora also sells books, and Johanna got Brett Bara’s Sewing in a Straight Line. I happened to make Brett Bara’s “skirt in one hour,” from this week’s Etsy How-Tuesday. I didn’t exactly make it in an hour, since I’m still learning and honestly struggling with elastic. If anyone has tips on making the perfect, right-sized elastic casing, please do tell. Also, I will do a show-and-tell with the skirt in a later post. It is so cute!! But it’s in the wash right now because I’m prepping for a big vacation!

I bought a new book, Sew What! Skirts: 16 Simple Styles You Can Make with Fabulous Fabrics, which I plan to read on the plane today and review here soon.

I’m also very excited to take The Modern Quilting Bee’s Block Party with me on the trip; my friend Tracy (above right) lent me her copy, and I’ve been following some of the Modern Bee ladies on Twitter, so looking forward to the book.

So, our sewing night was a great success, and it’s going to happen again next month. We need a NAME for our group, and I know a lot of you in the Twitterverse and Interwebs have already thought of clever names for your machines, your groups, your projects. Please share your creativity — help us name the group! I’d love some ideas in the comments section.