I spent $50 at the fabric store today, padding my stash. It’s hard to turn up a 50% off sale, especially on beautiful colorful fabrics.

Fancy Tiger RocksBut I’m starting to reach a point where it’s not really that fulfilling to buy beautiful fabrics because my skill set is still lagging behind. I wish I could swap some fabric for skills. I’d pay to learn faster. Heck, today I even contemplated various extreme measures to fit more time into my day, just to learn more sewing (no sleep? no problem..?).

So it probably goes without saying: spending a little time every day sewing is not providing much of a return. I am patient, and I want so badly to understand the craft and get better. But patience is so hard when the payoff is so small.

I read some Pema Chodron last night, and I spent my sewing time today trying to apply the “loving kindness” mentality to learning. At the base of it all, I love time spent with my sewing machine. I love fabric. I love crafting. I love learning. All those things amount to big accomplishments, adding happiness to life. So, when I made continuous bias tape incorrectly, AGAIN, I didn’t let myself get frustrated. I felt grateful that I spent an hour doing something I love.

That said, I need some better tutorials for beginning sewing. I don’t mean tutorials on what a zig zag stich is or how to sew a bag. I’m trying to learn the basics… like how to make continuous bias tape and other techniques. The tutorial in the book I’m following just isn’t cutting it. Today I watched a couple videos on BurdaStyle for more help. In general, I’m pretty sure I’ve got the concept itself down – I just can’t get the friggin tube to line up with all the seams on the right sides!!!

Patience and loving kindness. Patience. Loving Kindness.

I’ll try again tomorrow, and rest assured, I’ll post a photo if I get results!