I’ve heard of these “Patterns Decoded” classes, and honestly in the past I’ve thought, what the heck could that class be about? Patterns are simple, unless you’re making a collared shirt or pleated pants or something ridiculously advanced. Right?

I might be a nerd, but I never said I’m particularly sharp when it comes to obvious things like: there’s a class for how to decode patterns because they are really hard to understand.

I made bias tape last week, and it took me two tries to understand the instructions. That was only the beginning.

I started to make a little sewing caddy this weekend, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what the pattern means. To be more exact, I thought I was doing everything to pattern called for. Then I realized it was all wrong. When I RE-read the instructions, I was pretty convinced that the fault lies in the pattern, not my reading skills.

It’s what the pattern DOESN’T say that mystifies me. Or, there is a sewing code that I haven’t cracked yet.

Sewing, much like Star Trek, might have it’s own mysterious language.

I put the sewing caddy project aside. I realized my nerdy ego had gotten ahead of my skills. I need that Patterns Decoded class. I need it bad.